Dr. Weiss and Community Involvement

Dr. Brad Weiss teaches at The Pankey Institute and has recently obtained this badge for his involvement.

Dr. Weiss is deeply involved in the growing Evanston community. Giving back to those in need is important to Dr. Weiss. When he’s not in the office transforming smiles into beautiful works of art, Dr. Weiss is also the President-elect of the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club and has served on its board for the past 6 years.

Dental Access Days from Rob Orr on Vimeo.

Dr. Weiss’ level of compassion and care for others is palpable everywhere he goes. It doesn’t matter if you’re in his office receiving treatment or are passing by him on the street – you will notice he genuinely takes the time to find out how your day is going or how your family is doing. He’s much more than just a dentist. This unsurpassed level of humanity is evident every year he attends Pankey Dental Access Days where he provides free dental care to patients that cannot afford dental care.

Pankey Dental Access Days is an outreach program to help meet the oral health needs of the underserved. This wonderful program provides basic dental services and is made possible by partnering with organizations around the country and Pankey-trained dentists.

Dr. Weiss prides himself on being able to spend the proper amount of time with a patient to understand their temperament and goals with dental treatment, as well as their individual circumstances. It’s all about learning how to customize treatment and care while making someone’s day a little better. He held the Volunteer Coordinator position for Evanston’s Pankey Dental Access Days from 2009-2013, and continues to participate as a provider each year. His involvement with the Pankey Institute doesn’t stop there. Dr. Weiss also teaches an annual dentistry course and attends continuing education courses on a regular basis. As you can see, he’s entrenched in the dental industry and is always finding ways to help out members of our wonderful community who are in need.

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