Simpli5 Orthodontics

When you want to correct your orthodontic troubles quickly, our dentists may be able to treat you with Simpli5. It’s an aligner system that can provide the treatment for anterior spacing and crowding. We recommend the Simpli5 process to patients who need effective orthodontic solutions.

While correcting your bite with the Simpli5 system, you’ll wear five aligner trays over time. The exact time-frame will be determined by your Evanston dentists, but each tray is worn generally around two to four weeks. Our staff will take impressions of your teeth, and we’ll write any concerns we have regarding your particular treatment. After we receive your Simpli5 aligner trays, you’ll be able to start fixing your bite!

Simpli5 aligner trays are removable, which will allow you to eat, drink, and even chew gum if you’d like, unlike traditional orthodontic braces. You’ll wear your Simpli5 tray around the clock, but you’ll be able to take it out when you eat or brush your teeth. After your mouth adjusts to each tray, you’ll move up to the next set. Eventually, your smile will be transformed into the wonderful look your dentists have planned out. You’ll need to see Dr. Weiss and Dr. Fulreader regularly so they can keep an eye on your response to Simpli5.

Clear aligning trays are preferred by adults seeking orthodontic treatment, as opposed to traditional orthodontic methods. Metallic braces consist of metal brackets and wires and carry an adolescent stigma with their use. Plus, metal braces have to be tightened or fixed every month or so, which can be painful and irritating to your gums and soft tissue. With Simpli5, you’ll simply switch out your aligner trays and continue on your path to orthodontic health with your professional image intact.

Simpli5 aligner trays are ideal for imperfect smiles caused by:

  • minor to moderate levels of crowding.
  • slight to intermediate spacing.
  • an orthodontic relapse.

The best news is that getting desired end results from Simpli5 typically takes anywhere from 10 – 20 weeks. That’s less than half of the average time needed to achieve the same effects from regular metal braces. Adults can achieve the oral health they need while improving their smile. Talk to Dr. Weiss and Dr. Fulreader about Simpli5 aligners today!

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