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Important Health and safety notice regarding COVID-19

4 Ways Your Dentist Is Practicing Social Distancing

June 26, 2020

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sticker on the floor as a reminder for social distancing in Skokie

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend continuing to wear a mask and social distance in public whenever possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Your dentist is dedicated to maintaining your health and wellness, which is why they’re continuing to make social distancing in Skokie happen. Read on to learn about four ways they’re preventing patient-to-patient and patient-to-dentist contact to keep everybody safe.

Virtual Dental Visits

If you’re an at-risk patient or don’t want to leave the safety of your home if at all possible, you can schedule a virtual consultation with your dentist. These are typically for follow-up visits, consultations for cosmetic appointments like Invisalign, and some additional services. By being able to speak to your dentist from home, you’ll be eliminating any chance of contact with another person and avoiding having to be exposed to an environment that you aren’t able to control. Plus, virtual dentistry is incredibly accessible since all you need is a smart phone and internet access!

Check-In From Your Car

When you get to your dentist’s office, there’s no need to walk into the waiting room and touch objects that other patients have had access to. Instead, you can call the front desk staff and let them know when you’ve arrived. You can then wait in your car until they’re ready to bring you back for your appointment. That way, you won’t come into contact with any objects or surfaces that other patients have. This also allows dentists to limit the chances of patient-to-patient interaction.

Spread Apart Appointments

Your dentist in Skokie has spread patient appointments apart in an effort to promote social distancing as well as make sure that the staff has plenty of time to thoroughly sanitize between appointments. Because of this, you can rest-assured knowing that the chances of you coming into contact with other patients who are arriving, waiting, or leaving at the same time you are is slim to none. This helps reduce the risk of droplet spreading as well, which is how the virus is spread.

Avoiding Contact With Patients

The dental staff is avoiding all physical contact with patients in an effort to keep the environment and their PPE completely sterile. This means that they won’t be giving out hugs, handshakes, or high-fives if they haven’t seen you in awhile. While this may be a let-down if you’re close to the dental staff, it’s for the safety of you, them, and every other patient that walks through their doors.

Although your dentist’s office may not be the biggest space, they’re taking precautions to give everybody plenty of room. By implementing these four protocols, they’re able to take care of your smile while also looking after your health.

About the Author

Dr. Brad Weiss is dedicated to making his patients feel comfortable and safe while they receive the dental care they need. That’s why he has implemented over a dozen new safety protocols in response to COVID-19. He is passionate about helping his patients maintain great oral health and is currently seeing new and existing patients. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit Weiss Dental Arts’ website or call 847-864-0188.

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